Why Should You Consider Marketing Automation & How It Can Skyrocket Your Performance.

Why should you consider marketing automation & How it can skyrocket your performance.

If you are a digital marketer, if you are willing to take your online business to greater levels then you must consider Marketing Automation. It will save the time and provides more insights about your customers, which eventually helps you to increase leads and revenues.

you might ask me, what exactly Marketing Automation is? Marketing automation is nothing but the process of Automating the repeated tasks with the help of a software. Below you can read advantages and disadvantages of Marketing Automation.

First of all, Let me give you a real-time example to understand Marketing Automation concept in detail. I guess you might have purchased something from Amazon. When you place an order, you will get an email and text message with your order details, tracking details etc. Those emails and text messages are automatically sent by their software. As Amazon gets thousands of orders in a minute, it’s not possible for Amazon to hire employees to send order confirmation mail to each and every buyer. To make things easier, they come up with Automation software, it decreased their efforts and improved their productivity.

I believe you are now clear with Marketing Automation concept, and I’m sure you want to consider Marketing Automation for your business. Well, that’s awesome. Before that, let’s have a look at the key advantages of Marketing Automation.

Advantages of Marketing Automation:

  1. Reduces Efforts: Marketing Automation reduces efforts to a greater extent. Most of the tasks can be automated. You need not to hire employees to perform repetitive tasks.
  2. Time-saving: Apparently, Marketing Automation saves a lot of time. You can utilize that time to understand your customers, which helps you to improve sales or leads.
  3. User Data: Marketing Automation tools collect the data of customers. You can use the data in many ways to scale your business. Using Data extracted from the automation software, you can understand user-behavior, and promote offers accordingly. You can also do A/B testings and a lot more.
  4. Marketing Automation tools help you to create leads funnel. As per today’s technology standards, it’s very much easy to integrate marketing automation tools to your online business.

And you can do a lot more with Marketing Automation.

There are few minor disadvantages of Marketing Automation, you must need to know before you implement them!

Disadvantages of Marketing Automation:

Indeed, it’s important to automate repetitive tasks, and it is also important to know your customer behaviour and expectations. Sometimes, excessive automation leads to problems.

For instance, if a customer has some issue with your product, and he contacts you for a fix, in that case, if the automated system sends irrelevant responses, it will annoy the user. It’ll deliver a bad user experience.

The ultimate goal of every business is to satisfy their customer needs. If your product or service, does not provide customer satisfaction, it’ll not survive in the long run. So we highly recommend you to understand where to implement Marketing Automation and where to avoid.


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