User interfaces are the way the world experiences and gets to know your company. Therefore, they must look great and perform well to create the perfect digital experience that will attract and keep customers. A high level of level of customer satisfaction breeds unstinting customer loyalty. At Digital Primus we work hard to create beautiful websites and mobile apps while improving their usability.

We do so through our innovative UI/UX design process. Before we go further let’s just break down those acronyms for those not steeped in the digital world.

UI Design stands for User Interface Design and it’s primarily about the design of user interfaces for software and machines such as the look of an app and it’s pleasurability for the user. Meanwhile, UX Design refers to User Experience Design and is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the usability of an app, website or other digital product. UI and UX work together closely to create incredible user experiences.

Don’t underestimate the power of creating great user experiences. These days the competition in most market sectors is fierce and therefore anything you can do to distance yourself from your competitors will put you in good stead.

Our UI/UX Design Process

Rich Experience To The User

Our user-centred design approach starts with a discussion with you about your goals and what you want to achieve. This sets the foundation for the design, content and strategies we deploy. At this research stage, we will also present you with strategic insights in your customers’ reactions to your current website and applications.

Then we’ll work on concepts and wireframes, that is the screen blueprint of a website or app, a visual guide of how they are going to look. Once this has been fine-tuned by your input we’ll create some clickable prototypes. Then when you are happy with these we will embark on the front-end code development. The front-end is what your users will see and interact with.

How Good UI/UX Design
Can Benefit Your Business


The better the experience you create for your customers the more satisfied they will become. You can enjoy a genuine boost to your sales. Not only will happy users make purchases but they’ll tell their friends, family members and colleagues all about you.

Your customers will stay loyal. Happy customers who are enjoying your products and interacting with your apps and website have no reason to look elsewhere. You can save money. It’s often cheaper to fix usability issues during a design phase than come back and try to resolve them later.

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