Remarketing reengages potential customers that may have been lost to you. It is intelligent and works, which is why we like it a lot.

Most marketers agree that the average customer has to see an advert several times before making a decision to purchase. It is rare that someone will dive into their pockets after a single exposure to a marketing message. The point of mentioning this is that when it comes to reaching potential customers, repetition matters. And this is where remarketing comes into its own.

Remarketing involves showing your adverts to targeted users who have previously visited your website. They may navigate away from your pages, but with remarketing you get a second bite at the cherry to win their custom.

How does Remarketing Work ?


Here’s how it works. Let’s say a customer visits your website and has a good look around. They make like what they see, but for various reasons click away and go elsewhere on the web. Now just because they are out of sight, it doesn’t mean they cannot be reached. Through our remarketing service we can display your ads to these people no matter where they travel to on the web. Basically, we are reminding your customers about you, showing them relevant ads that will encourage them to come back to your site.


Visits your site

They’re tracked

Prospect leaves

Ad Appears on
another site

Here's How Digital Primus Can Help

Rocket Fuel for Business Growth

Our digital marketing executives have extensive knowledge and experience of remarketing campaigns through Google AdWords and Facebook. They have the drive, talents, creativity and passion to create optimised ads that get attention and that ‘follow’ your audience over the web, keeping your brand centre stage.

We can be as broad or as specific as you like with your remarketing ads. We can target every person who visits your site, or just those who look at specific pages or products.

Our remarketing service includes:

  • Devising, implementing and maintaining the ad campaigns
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • Regular updates on the performance of your targeted ads

Remarketing is a very cost-effective tool
that comes with many benefits


Transforms Traffic Into Leads

Conversion and click-through rates for ads that have been remarketed are much higher compared to standard adverts.

It is Highly Targeted

You are displaying ads to only those people who have already expressed an interest in you.

Improves brand awareness

The more times a customer is exposed to your brand the more likely they are to buy from you when they do decide to make a purchase.

Make it Digital Primus

Only a tiny percentage of potential customers convert on their first visit to a site. Our remarketing strategies help to bring the rest of the visitors back for another look.