Mobile App

Whether ordering groceries, playing games, navigating an unfamiliar city or checking your bank balance, mobile apps are transforming many aspects of our lives, changing the way we work, socialize and play. Frankly, there is a mobile app for everything these days. And for businesses, this presents golden opportunities to provide more value to customers, increase recognition, create a direct marketing channel, build up the brand, improve customer loyalty and much more.

Think mobile apps are just for multinationals and other large corporations? Think again. An increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses such as restaurants, taxi firms and beauty salons are getting their own apps developed. And it’s taking their marketing efforts to the next level at a price that doesn’t make their accountant’s eyes water.

At Digital Primus our technical experts create quality customised apps that deliver memorable user experiences to help drive businesses forward. They can build applications of any grade providing you with powerful user-centric solutions to help you achieve your goals. We have an in-depth understanding of mobile and digital and as the mobile system evolves, so do the tools, strategies and methods that we use.

How Our Mobile App Development Process Works

We understand that for many people who aren’t in IT or digital marketing the very concept of apps may appear daunting. That is why when we talk to you we’ll explain everything clearly in a language that you understand. We don’t believe in hiding behind jargon.

Our process starts with a conversation about your needs and what you want to achieve with a mobile app. We’ll come up with ideas and present you with a number of options, even if you’re unclear about exactly what you want. We will lead you gently through the process, suggesting and creating app specifications that only suits your needs. During the development of your app we are available to you at all times to answer any questions or discuss any further ideas that you may have.

Once our experts have developed your app we’ll pass it over to you to investigate thoroughly. At the same time, we’ll put it through our robust testing phase so that the end result is the perfect app for your company.

Our Mobile App Services Include



iPhone application development


iPad application development


iWatch application development


Android, mobile and tablet application development


Mobile application marketing strategies


Mobile application support and maintenance