Are You Building A Email List? If Not You Should Do It Immediately! Here is Why

Are you building a email list ? If not you should do it immediately! Here is why?

Are you Building A  Email List of your visitors? If not, then you are losing huge business. You should immediately start collecting Email addresses of your visitors. There are many advantages of building an Email list. Below we have mentioned the importance of Email list, and how you can increase sales or leads using Email Marketing.

What is an Email List and its Importance?

An email list is nothing but a process of collecting Name and Email address of a visitor on your site. Of course, only if they are willing to receive updates regarding your product or service.

It is important because, when someone subscribing to your email list, it means, he is interested in knowing more about your product or service. Whether it may be product offers, or promotional coupons, or something else. If someone is interested in your product or service, he might end up buying product and service.

Effective Uses of Email List:

There are so many uses once you have enough subscribers in your mailing list.

  1. You can send product launch information with your subscribers. It’ll help you to spread the word about your new product.
  2. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can send your promotional offers to your subscribers.

You can do a lot more with Email List.

Advantages of Email List:

1. Email Marketing allows you to reach your customer directly. If the customer has any doubts regarding your product, he can contact you personally.
2. Email Marketing is targeted. As mentioned above, those who are interested in your product or service, they only subscribe. Hence, it will be easier for you to know what to offer them.
3. As per a case study in Email Marketing and Social Media campaign, we noticed Email Marketing helped us to get more conversions than the Social Media campaign. It is evident that Email Marketing has more potential than social media.
4. Email Marketing costs you very less compared to other Marketing tactics. There are few services, which allows you to send bulk emails for free. So, less Investment and huge profits.

So you might be thinking how to make an Email List. It is very simple. Follow the below simple steps to collect email addresses of your visitors.

1. You can create an opt-in pop-up. Usually, pop-up annoy many users. Hence to make an opt-in affective, and convince users to provide their email address, you need to offer them something. Maybe your product buyer guide, or a discount coupon. This way you can convince users to provide their email address and subscribe to your mailing list.
2. Even you can organize a giveaway. Giveaway something related to your targeted customers. Prepare terms in a way users have to subscribe to your mailing list to win the giveaway.

There are many other ways you can create your own mailing list. If you are on WordPress content management system, you can easily create opt-in forms using plugins.

You can also use Automation tools to manage your email marketing list. You can consider using Mailchimp, Aweber, Drip and there are many alternatives to them. We personally use Mailchimp and Drip for our email marketing list.

If you have not started making an Email list, do it now! Email Marketing is a kind of building relationships with the customer. it will help you in the long run.