10 Tips To Make Your Website User-Friendly

10 tips to make your website user-friendly .

The web is improving each and every day and your rivals are growing by using smart techniques. With the growing marketing remodeling, your website is becoming one of the most important and powerful tools as compared to others. However, with the changing tech world, it won’t be surprising if your website feels outdated. Consequently, it becomes important to be up to date, unique and stand out as compared to your capable competitors.

There are many people who will consider redesigning their website. However, it won’t be possible for everyone as it will need a lot of time and money. In this case, you can focus on making your user-friendly to attract your target audience. You need to keep in mind that users will visit you only if your website is easily accessible in lower time spam.

Making website attractive by adding graphics and styling it is not enough to ensure higher traffic rate. If your website is not easy to use than you can say bye to the potential customers that will go to your competitor and help in increasing their business rate.

10 Tips To Make Your Website User-Friendly

Hence, it makes the need for user-friendly website very important. We have dug up top 10 tips through which you can make your website user-friendly.

  1. Develop A Responsive Website

With the advancement in technology, people are highly dependent on Smartphone and internet. More than half of the online research comes from mobile phones. With this, websites are also growing at a steady pace making it important to have easy to navigate website even through Smartphones. Even Google is supporting this by charging the websites that are not mobile-friendly.

Hence, website developers must keep in mind that they have to work towards making their website mobile-friendly and it will eventually make it user-friendly. The main aim of the responsive website is to give the best and perfect experience to the user whether they are using phone, system or tablet. There are online software’s that helps in creating a responsive website easily just by few clicks.

  1. White Space

A word written on a white sheet is more visible than a word written on a colorful piece of paper. Similarly, a strain on white clothing is easily detectable than any other color. Same goes for the case of the website. However, there are many people who complain that there is so much white on their site. But you need to know that the white space is most of the times used for the purpose of displaying ads.

In addition to this, the content written on white space is more decipherable and the user can focus on the content element. The attention of the user is increased by 10 folds with the help of white space. It represents freshness, openness, modernization and transmits the same thought the process to the reader (hypothetically). However, it might take a lot of space and it might cover up some useful information. You need to maintain a perfect balance between information and the surrounding to make it easy for people to differentiate among them.

  1. Place The Logo Properly

Every website has a logo that is displayed on the website to make it easy for the user to recognize the brand. However, you must have observed that top websites are displaying their logo at the top left corner. According to psychology, the mentality of the people has adopted to see the logo at the left-top corner only. The moment a user is navigated to a site, his/her eyes will move to the left corner.

Hence, displaying the logo in any other way will not help you to improve your traffic. So, display it on the left corner of your website. It will open many opportunities for brand recognition for you and avoid any type of confusion among visitors who will just consider your website is unrecognizable.

  1. Don’t forget To Use Bullet Points

People hate to read paragraphs of more than 3-4 lines. If possible, avoid using paragraphs altogether and start using bullet points. Bullets are easily visible and show key information. The visitors will search the bullet points instead of going through a big paragraph. So, use the bullet points to show benefits, key features, product and services, the solution to the problems, etc.

This attracts an audience and will provide all the necessary information to the user in a short span of time. There are so many attractive and creative options that could be used by you on your website that can give the figure representation of the point. Now, you don’t have to grasp up among the terminologies and directly move onto the important points.

  1. Maintain Website Consistency

Here consistency means to maintain the heading, font, color, spacing, design elements, buttons, etc. They must match everywhere. You should maintain a theme in order to make your web design logical on the same page as well as different pages. You need to provide the best experience to your user while they navigate through your website.

If your user navigates from one page to another and you have a completely different design than they might feel lost which will make them lose their interest. So, make sure to avoid drastic change that can confuse your website and they lose interest in it. Inconsistent websites limit the product quality in the user’s point of view. Hence, follow the common pattern of headers, background image, content font, etc.

  1. Wisely Use The Image

The more a person is browsing, the fast he/she will judge a site. On their first visit to your website, they will see that you are using the same image as displayed on the free-stock photography website. This will decrease the trust of your potential customer and will put you in a general category.

However, by replacing these stock-free pictures with something original or maybe your original product pictures, you can increase your rate of conversion. This helps in creating a trust factor between the user and a brand. It will help in conveying your service and product to the customer in the best way possible. Make sure to strategically display image that goes with the content on the page. Also, avoid the generic image that can set off a customer.

  1. Less Loading Time

Let us ask you a question. Are you going to wait for a website to load, if it is taking more than few seconds to load? The answer we assume is no! No one is going to invest their precious time just to wait for a website to get loaded. They will simply move on to the next one. Users prefer the website that takes less time to load.

For that reason, make sure that your website is using the latest codes as it will make the website faster and reliable. Make sure that the loading time is less otherwise the user will simply quit your site without even checking the content. You can try out Google services that give you a report on your loading time.

  1. 404s Alert!

Google don’t charge you for severely for this page not found error. But you will lose your visitor just because of it. A user expects to be navigated to a new page on selecting a certain link. However, if they see a 404 error, they will be highly frustrated. They might end up leaving your website that will be your loss only. You can use Google Webmaster tool in order to check the crawl error to keep your website up to date.

  1. Make Content Understandable

Well, the best thing is that user doesn’t read each and every word written on your website. However, they do some points that can give them a clear understanding of the product and services. Make sure to have a clear and crisp content for your website that could be easy to understand by the visitors. All the required information must be visible to the user so that they can decide on using your services.

  • Social Media Sharing Options

These may be the smallest options available on the website but hold a lot of importance. Social media has become the most used platform for today’s generation. They are sharing the important information, promoting their business, searching data on these platforms.

If you are including the sharing option on your website then there are chances that they will share in on their profile if they like your service that will automatically improve your traffic. Also, they have to shut your website to share your company’s webpage that will only count in your plus point.


We really hope that these tips will help you to grow and redesign your website in a must simpler way. You don’t have to worry about your pocket for making a user-friendly website that will only work in your favor. Even if you don’t have time to improve your website then you can ask for help from some top online website that provides online software that can help you to achieve your goals.